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The PPA T27 transmitter transmits the voice of a speaker or speaker, a music program, or an audio service wirelessly up to 1000 feet to a listening audience. Members of the public can use an optional R37 receiver, the R38, or any FM receiver operating on the 72-76 MHz frequency to pick up the broadcast. The speaker simply connects a microphone with a 3.5mm jack to the unit to transmit their voice. The unit can also be connected to a sound system via a line level connector (RCA) to stream music or other audio service. It meets the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and is covered by a Lifetime PLUS limited warranty.

Note: The PPA T27 transmitter has been approved by the FCC for use in the US markets. The transmitter cannot be used in all countries. Consult your local government radio regulations for operation in the 72-76 MHz band.

the system includes

(1) PPA T27 transmitter
(1) ANT 021 antenna
(1) WCA 013 audio cable
(1) TFP 036 power supply

* All items can be purchased separately


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