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Flexible and simple. The PPA R37-8 FM Receiver offers an easy-to-use 8-channel rotary selector with access to 8 preset broadband frequencies between 72 and 76 MHz. Compatible with the following Williams Sound transmitters: PPA T45, PPA T46 and PPA T27. Digitally synthesized for greater audio clarity and stability. A versatile 3.5mm stereo / mono jack allows for a variety of headphone and headphone options, and is compatible with telecoil-equipped hearing aids / inductive collars.

NOTE: The PPA R37-8 FM receiver requires a transmitter operating in the 72-76 MHz band. The PPA Select is approved by the FCC for operation in the US markets. The receiver cannot be used in all countries. Consult your local government radio regulations for 72-76 MHz operation.

PPA R37-8

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