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Our team of professional interpreters possesses unique language skills and extensive knowledge in both languages. In addition, our interpreters convey the emotions of the message, enhancing understanding and overall experience.

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Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

This service allows communication between two people who speak different languages and who are distant from each other, with the support of a live interpreter who participates through a conference call using Zoom. This service is useful for staying in touch with partners, making purchases and sales abroad, document discussion, immigration procedures, supplier and client search, and others.

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Conference Simultaneous Interpretation

This service is helpful for multilingual on-site events like international conferences and shareholder meetings. In this service, a team of interpreters immediately translates the speaker's message with the support of specialized equipment.


Consecutive Interpretation

In this type of interpretation the speaker and the interpreter alternate their speech in segments. Our consecutive interpreters are adept in public speaking and have a great degree of understanding of the source language and fluency in the target language. This type of interpreting is usually employed in introductory and concluding special events.

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